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World Environment Da


Football Coaching Pr


6th Annual General M

Hotel Seto Gurans

Career Counseling Pr

Mount Kailash School

Sir Edmond Hillary M

Khumjung, Nepal

Fifth Annual General

Hotel Seto Gunras,Ka

Closing Ceremony of

Himalayan Climate In

College Counseling P

H.C.I Kathmandu

Career Counseling Pr

Khumjung High School

Career Counseling Pr

MahendraJyoti School

KSAA Executive Board

Indreni Food Land (C


Indreni Food Land (C

4th Annual General M

Hotel Seto Gurans, L

Mountain, Mountain P

Hotel Seto Gurans, B

Annual General Meeti

To be determined.

EC Meeting

KSAA Office, Sital M

KSAA Third (3rd) Ann

SR Catering (Gopi Kr

KSAA & MJEF meeting

Indreni Cafe Meeting

Mt. Everest Diamond

Khumjung, Solukhumbu

KSAA Chang-thung

Hotel Seto Gurans, B

2nd Annual Conventio

Celebration Event He

Annual General Meeti

Celebration Events H

Teacher's Can Make a

Library Hall, Namche

KSAA Annual Genral M


Website meeting

KSAA Office

Local Language

KSAA Office

SKPM Scholarsip

Hotel Tibet Internat

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Career Counseling Pr
Event Details: Program sites: Khumjung and Chaurikharka

The College Counseling Program (CCP) aims to provide support to young aspiring persons by helping them to access relevant information, process it by and for themselves, and receive counseling regarding clarity of chosen academic field, steps and effort to achieve it,and related educational opportunities. By assisting young people to choose subjects through informed choices and increased awareness levels, CCP’s objective is to offer a proper orientation and preparatory program that psychologically and emotionally prepares them to adopt a well thought-out attitude and approach with regards to what subject they want to study, why they want to study it, and what to expect from their involvement in college and professional life. It is here that the program is needed at a most pivotal and

turning point of many youths’ lives who graduate from Khumbu schools each year.
Vanue: Khumjung High School
Contact Phone: 9808029833
Start Date: 01-Jul-2015 (Wed)
Time: 10
End Date: 02-Jul-2015
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  • KSAA Executive Board
    Venue: Indreni Food Land (C
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    Venue: Indreni Food Land (C
    Start Date: 15-Mar-2015 (Sun)
    End Date: 15-Mar-2015
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    Venue: Hotel Seto Gurans, L
    Start Date: 21-Jan-2015 (Wed)
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    Venue: KSAA Office, Sital M
    Start Date: 20-Jan-2014 (Mon)
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  • KSAA Third (3rd) Ann
    Venue: SR Catering (Gopi Kr
    Start Date: 31-Jan-2014 (Fri)
    End Date: 01-Feb-2014
  • KSAA & MJEF meeting
    Venue: Indreni Cafe Meeting
    Start Date: 22-Sep-2013 (Sun)
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  • Mt. Everest Diamond
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  • KSAA Chang-thung
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  • Annual General Meeti
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    End Date: 12-Jan-2013
  • Teacher's Can Make a
    Venue: Library Hall, Namche
    Start Date: 08-Dec-2012 (Sat)
    End Date: 09-Dec-2012
  • KSAA Annual Genral M
    Venue: Kathmandu
    Start Date: 12-Jan-2013 (Sat)
    End Date: 13-Jan-2013
  • Website meeting
    Venue: KSAA Office
    Start Date: 02-Mar-2012 (Fri)
    End Date: 02-Mar-2012
  • Local Language
    Venue: KSAA Office
    Start Date: 11-Feb-2012 (Sat)
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