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Written By:  KSAA    |   Published Date:  25-Jan-2015

Message from the outdoing President Dr. Lhakpa Sherpa

 22 January 2015


Dear KSAA members and friends,

Tashi deleg!

I am pleased to inform you that the 4th Annual General meeting of KSAA has successfully been completed.  Sincere thanks goes to all members and guests who attended to make it a success.

The formation of KSAA was motivated by the fact that the former students of Khumjung School occupy many influential positions and united we will be able to make a difference in Khumbu. I was nominated to lead the organization for the first two years term. The primary mandate was to establish and solidify the organization. As per the mandate, approximately 100 members were recruited. The organization was registered in Solukhumbu District and a branch office was established in Kathmandu. A dynamic website was created to link the dispersed members. AGMs were held annually and the organization’s registration is kept up to date.

As a president, my first duty was to make the organization financially sustainable. For this, we recruited 31 Life Members and raised approximately 18 lakh Rupees through membership fees and donations. The life members are the back-bone of KSAA and would like to thank them personally and institutionally for their support.   These funds are now in fixed deposit and earning interest to cover operation costs.

In addition to setting up the institution, we also held a series of interesting programs in collaboration with various organizations. They included 1) distributing Krishna Pradhan Memorial Award, 2) “Teachers can make a difference” training workshop, 3) organizing the Mt. Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration function, 4) Sagarmatha Tourism Forum meetings in 2012 and 2013, 5) various changdu cultural programs, and 6) organizing mountaineering workers consultation workshop following the Everest avalanche tragedy.

We thank all the collaborating organizations including Khumjung School, Khumbu Multi-purpose Cooperative, Sagarmatha Buffer Zone Committee, Ministry of Tourism, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Nepal Mountain Guides and Instructors Associations, Mahendra Jyoti Ex-Student’s Forum, Mountain Spirit, and others for their partnership.

Although, financial and time constraints limited the number of activities, I am proud to say that those we took on were planned and executed to perfection. This would not have been possible without the hard work of the Executive Committee members Mr. Pasang Dawa Sherpa (Vice President), Ms. Sonam Futi Sherpa (Secretary), Ms. Mingma Pradhan (Treasurer), Mr. Tshering Sherpa (Member), Mr. Ang Temba Sherpa (Member), and Ms. Pemba Yangji Sherpa (Member). I thank them for their support and cooperation.

To minimize operation costs, we came up with an office and staff sharing arrangement with Mountain Spirit (MS), a like-minded Himali NGO. The cooperation and friendship extended by of MS members and staff were greatly appreciated.

In an era when people are becoming increasingly individualistic and materialistic, the roles of self-arising and community based organizations such as KSAA are becoming crucial to save the cultural values and working together for the greater good of the community. Our community’s role in defining the quality and purpose of education for our children, managing teachers, influencing the government’s education policies and donor investments in our schools have been minimal. KSAA can play a catalytic role in strengthening community participation in education.  

During the 4th AGM, we dedicated half a day to discussing how to make education more useful and relevant to our community. Priorities such as opening a plus two campus and a private boarding school in the Khumbu Region; establishing a graduate support and mentoring program for Khumjung graudates studying in Kathmandu; strengthening teaching of Sherpa language and Sambota script in Khumbu schools; vocational training opportunities especially in tourism; promotion of volunteerism among young graduates; job placement programs in Khumbu; guidance to access government jobs; managing scholarships for needy students; providing an academic counselling program for Khumjung School; and forming a organization dedicated education sector in Khumbu (like SPCC for pollution control) have emerged.    

The list of ideas above provides ample direction for KSAA. For starters, establishing a Khumjung graduate support and mentoring program in Kathmandu and conducting a study on job employment options and tracking former Khumjung graduates can be priority projects for KSAA. These need the active support of members.

KSAA’s new Executive Committee consists of old and new members. Mr. Pasang Dawa Sherpa who served as Vice President during my tenure will serve as President. Ms Sonam Futi who was former secretary will act as the vice-president. Mr. Tshering Sherpa will continue as a member.  The new members include Ms Lhakpa Doma Sherpa as treasurer, Mr. Nima Gyaljen Sherpa as secretary and Mr. Lama Kaji Sherpa and Mr. Ang Rita Sherpa as members. I wish them all the success.

Figure 1: (L) Participants                                                                          (R) Newly appointed Executive Committee Members

I immensely enjoyed my time with KSAA. It kept me thinking about greater good of the Khumbu and its communities. It gave me opportunity stay in touch and exchange ideas with friends and colleagues. Despite the insistence from the members to continue, I decided to hand over the leadership to provide space for others to bring in new ideas, energy, and contribution to our community. I will still be an active members and an advisor to the new Executive Committee. Thuche…