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Written By:  KSAA    |   Published Date:  23-Jun-2015

Career Counseling Program

CCP 2015 Report

Date and venue

June 28th and June 29th 2015 at Mahendra Jyoti Higher Sec School

July 1st and July 2nd 2015 at Khumjung Secondary School

July 12th to 16th at Kathmandu,Himalayan Climate Initiative

Past Practices
From 2007, Sherwi Yondhen Tshonpa has been working to help Khumbu SLC graduates to identify and understand their needs, abilities, and opportunities for their college application process. The nitty gritty of how to go about with what they desire and feel strongly about in pursuit of their academic goals becomes important for the Khumbu youth and over the years, the Khumbu Center has contributed significantly to the development of an educational awareness program, which has helped hundreds of SLC graduates to carry out their college application process and it continues to do so. The College Counseling Program (CCP) is a value added effort on the part of Khumjung School Alumni Association (KSAA), Mahendra Jyoti Ex-Student Forum (MJ), and Sherwi Yondhen Tshonpa.

The College Counselling Program (CCP)
A significant number of SLC graduates pass out from the Khumbu region each year. As of now, 20 to 30 youth are coming to Kathmandu to participate in a college counseling program to be conducted in association with Khumjung School Alumni Association (KSAA),Mahendra Jyoti Ex-Student Forum (MJ), and Sherwi Yondhen Tshonpa in July. For class 8,9, and 10 students in the Khumbu region, a team will be providing orientations and workshops in Khumjung and Chauri Kharka during the month of June.

Program sites: Khumjung and Chaurikharka
The College Counseling Program (CCP) aims to provide support to young aspiring persons by helping them to access relevant information, process it by and for themselves, and receive counseling regarding clarity of chosen academic field, steps and effort to achieve it,and related educational opportunities. By assisting young people to choose subjects through informed choices and increased awareness levels, CCP’s objective is to offer a proper orientation and preparatory program that psychologically and emotionally prepares them to adopt a well thought-out attitude and approach with regards to what subject they want to study, why they want to study it, and what to expect from their involvement in college and professional life. It is here that the program is needed at a most pivotal and
turning point of many youths’ lives who graduate from Khumbu schools each year.

Program Methodology
The College Counseling Program (CCP) will be implemented through proposed main activities

: Development of counseling program handbook

: Information gathering regarding faculties (college/university academics, admission procedures, tuition fees, career options, financial aid, scholarship, and internship programs); knowledge harnessing; analysis, assessment, and organization.Team building of resource persons at advisory and implementation level, scheduling,preparation of travel plans

: Identification of resource persons, coordination, meetings,orientations, logistics and planning.Village and Kathmandu counseling programs: Preparation of college counselling form,lesson plans, arts/outdoors’ activities (cultural program, film shows, sports, etc.),presentations, or group work based on need identification, relevance of issue, knowledge harnessing, and documentation. Mentorship (processing by the program) with academic professionals will provide invaluable insight into life experiences, practices, and career options.

Processing by the Ward
Young people will go through orientations and workshops by the team supported by mentors from faculties such as Social Sciences, Humanities, Management, Medicine, and Engineering. The college counseling form is crucial for establishing background information, academic history, area of interest, skills, and potential growth of the youth. It is important that the student participates in an open and comfortable manner with questions specifically asked to gather relevant, clear, and subjective/objective information. The aim is to allow participants to self-evaluate and perceive themselves in relation to their unique identity,abilities, expectations, and dreams. They will review what they have seen, understood, and experienced as they attempt to internalize and systematize their participation and are encouraged to express what they have experienced and understood. Sample questions are
given below:

 Please give your family background (name and occupation of parents/guardians/siblings)
 Which subjects did you enjoy the most?
 Which subjects did you do very well in?
 Which subjects did you find difficult?
 How would you grade yourself as a student?
 Are your marks fair, good, excellent with your aptitude? In which way?
 Mention your moment of achieving your highest grade. Please expand on it.
 Which line of study are you interested in?
 Why do you want to go to college besides getting a degree for career growth?
 What are the challenges/issues you will face during your college application process?
 What are your concerns about attending college?
 How do you see yourself in a professional environment, doing what?

Through different activities and interactions, CCP aims for youth to find a way to explore their feelings, build up confidence in understanding who they are in order to relate to other people and vice versa, and process helpful/key information for their academic plans so that they as candidates are able to draw clarity, focus, and sense of direction regarding their college application and professional vision. At the same time, it is challenging to achieve set goals as young adults, a time when life offers internal and external confusion and conflict, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, family environments, and other influences are also indicators, and CCP will work to help and support youth as each of them will process their learning and experiences differently, unique to who they are. Our aim is to expect two way communication, interaction, and sharing that establishes a start-off point for the student’s physical, intellectual, and emotional growth and long-term outlook towards howthey would like to see themselves as future members in their community and responsible citizens of their country.

The art sessions will focus on arts making and counseling methodologies that will help students to self-assess themselves, identify their academic interest/goals, and improve their mental and emotional well-being. This component leads to a) better processing regarding career exploration and development b) facilitation of “who we are?” (identification of ourselves and how we see our personal development/growth) c) clearer perception and acceptance of the self and vice versa (acquiring knowledge of self and others). Besides counseling, it is also an opportunity for students to ask questions regarding their concerns, doubts, or feasibility options in context to their academic, personal, and professional goals.Sketching, painting, photography, sculpture, singing, writing, etc., will support the process of counseling.